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Journal Papers
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Relationships between rut depth and soil mechanical properties in a calcareous soil with unstable structure.(ISI) Summer 2014
Studing and modeling of hydration kinetics in chickpea seeds (Cicer arietinum L.). Fall 2014
Head Rice Yield of Long- and Medium-Grain Varieties in a Two-Stage Drying Method Affected by Drying and Tempering Conditions. (ISI). Spring 2013
Effect of alfalfa fluffer on drying rate, baling loss, and nutrient value of alfalfa during baling. Fall 2012
Effect of drying and tempering conditions on milling quality in multi-pass drying of rough rice. Spring 2012
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Alfalfa Grind as Particle Size and Moisture Content. (ISI). Summer 2012
Design, development and evaluation of a continuous capacitance-based sensor for on-the go soil moisture content measurement. Spring 2011
Principal component modeling of energy consumption and some physical-mechanical properties of alfalfa grind. (ISI). Summer 2011
Correlation between specific energy consumption in milling process and some physical and mechanical properties of alfalfa grind. Spring 2010
Physical and aerodynamic properties of pinto bean grain as affected by moisture content. Fall 2010
Specific energy consumption for reducing the size of alfalfa chops using a hammer mill. (ISI). October 2010
Design, Construction and Evaluation of recompression machine for reducing hay Bale volume. February 2010
Effects of moisture content and urea fertilizer on bending and shearing performanves of canola steam. (ISI). August 2009
Bending and Shearing Properties of Wheat Stem of Alvand Variety. (ISI). October 2009
Influence of failure mode induced by a horizontally operated single-tip penetrometer on measured soil resistance. (ISI). May 2009
Digital image processing for quality ranking of saffron peach. (ISI). November 2009
Determination of some physical and rheological properties of straw and alfalfa bales during double compressing. April 2009
Vertical airflow resistance of chickpea (C. arietinum) cultivar as affected by bulk density and moisture content. July 2008
Effects of share rake angle and frequency of vibration on performance of a vibrating sugarbeet lifter. February 2008
Water Infiltration and Clod Soil Distribution as Influenced by Plowshare Type, Soil Water Content and Ploughing Depth.(ISI). June 2007
Terminal Velocity of Chopped Corn Silage and Its Seperations as Affected by Moisture Content. (ISI). April 2007
Physical attributes of garlic (Allium sativum L.). (ISI) January 2006
Effect of Plowshare Type on Moldboard Plow Performance Under Different water content and Plowing depth. February 2006
Some physical properties of garlic (Allium sativum L.). January 2004
Evaluation and comparison of traction performance of two common tractors in Iran. February 1994
Conference Papers
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Application of viscoelastic model in the bean soaking. February 2013
Modeling water absorption of bean during soaking February 2013
Application of Peleg Model to Study Water Absorption in Bean and Chickpea During Soaking February 2013
Application of Viscoelastic Model in the Chickpea Soaking February 2013
Modeling of Water Absorption of Chickpea During Soaking February 2013
Design, Development and evaluation of a depth controller for laser land leveling. February 2013
Design, Constraction and evaluation of an intelligent system for controlling individual dairy cow feed intake June 2011
A three element model for densification of corn silage and effect of loading velocity on its characteristics June 2011
Determination of compaction energy and some mechanical properties of corn silage September 2011
Head rice yield prediction of rough rice in multi-pass drying using artificial neural network. June 2011
Design, fabrication and evaluation of a gathering unit of alfalfa lost during baling process September 2010
Development and evaluation of a cyclone seperator unit for gathering the alfalfa shattered leaves during baling. September 2010
Determination of the physical and mechanical properties of corn silage required for developing plastic silo maker devices September 2010
Effect of drying and tempering conditions on milling quality in multi-pass drying of rough rice June 2010
Effect of some cutting blade and plant factors on specific cutting energy of sugarcane stalk June 2010
Determination of selected rheological properties of sugarcane residue. June 2009
Frictional properties of alfalfa grind June 2009
Effect of bale density and moisture content on the Huyreint values and storibility of baled alfalfa September 2009
The Effect of Degree of milling on specific emergy consumption of alfalfa chops. June 2009
Correlation between Specific Energy Consumption in Milling process and Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Alfalfa Grind. November 2009
Stress analysis of tractor tire intraction with soft soil using non-linear 2D finite element analysis June 2009
Development of a real-time capacitance - based sensor for mapping soil moisture variability June 2009
Development of an on- the go sensor for mapping soil mechanical resistance. June 2009
Development, constraction and evaluation of on the go soil mechanical resistance sensor October 2008
Design, fabricatding and evaluation of a mounted steady blade sodcutter. June 2008
Effect of bale density and moisture content on the losses of baled alfalfa. October 2008
Water iInfiltration and soil pulverization as affected by plowshare type December 2006
Effect of moisture content and particle type on terminal velocity of corn silage January 2005
Application of machine vision for sorting and grading apples December 2005
Sorting and Grading of Bulk Samples of Two Varieties of Apples Using Machine Vision. January 2005
Determining drag coefficient and terminal velocity of garlic (Allium sativum L.) in vertical wind tunnel. August 2004
Vertical Airflow Resistance of chickpea (C. arietinum) Cultivars as Affected by Moisture Content. July 2003
Physical properties of chick pea (C. Arietinum). July 2003
Design and development of a controlled cutting device for chopping bast fibres (flax and hemp) for use in biocomposites. October 2003
Water absorption in chickpea (C. arietinum) cultivars during soaking. February 2003

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